Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I was tagged the other day. The FB message was from someone who tagged me in a photo. I linked to that photo and saw a film still (shown above), presumably from a YouTube movie. It said, "Someone tagged a photo of you in the album "movie stills", and then, "Someone commented on a photo of you:" The weird part about it was that when I followed the link none of it had anything to do with me, so I wrote to the tagger...for an explanation...

...I got a lot. The gmail emails I got said that these people commented on a picture of me, but the picture was of some old Japanese guy, with the message, "Wall Street, the biggest banks of America." When I looked for the tag, it was not there. Then I read something about Bolshviks and politburo stuff and suddenly I got shot back to the time when my older brothers and sisters were in college. And the Chicano Movimiento was goin on and there seemed to be a lot of fear in the air. At this time I was getting my ass kicked all over the neighborhood and learning how to fight. I never liked it. I always thought that the reason there was so much frickin violence was because people are damn animals, that didn't care about sharing, or about differences. By that time I had already watched enough Rod Serling that I knew there were racial and inequality problems, I knew there were reasons the blacks had been so mad, the mexicans were always being taken advantage of, and my friends Dennis and Marlon who were Philipnos, were always teased about doing karate stuff like Bruce Lee. In about 3rd or 4th grade I wrote an essay that made it into the newspaper. It talked about how rich people should share and we should rebuild the schools and how society should become more colorful. My mom has it posted in her house. The other day I was looking at it and reading it, and I thought, "What a dumb kid". Even after I got my ass kicked and was racially slurred upon by whites and knew there was no equal sight in hell for us, I still said the nicest stuff, the most innocuous shit ever. But, I think it was because I thought someone would listen. Sure enough, the fire trucks got painted green that year. The school I referred to got knocked down. That didn't help the whites, the blacks or the mexicans, we still fought like there was no tomorrow. I was fortunate enough to have survived as well as my brothers and sisters. They basically taught me to just know what's going on and not fight for the wrong things. It was very confusing. Now, I look at everything, and it hasn't changed one bit. In fact it gets worse the more powerful america gets. And this moral superiority I hear from some is like shit in their mouths. I have been looking at Evo Morales' stuff and it gives me hope that these torture chamber politics in the west can be changed. Not by Obama, or any Republican in sight, but maybe someone with an even temper, like Rigoberta Menchu, Evo, or someone like that. At any rate we are far from civilized, unless civilized means exactly that, take advantage of your neighbor before he takes advantage of you. I am not sure what tagging me in that foto means, but I do learn from what you send me. Have a nice day!

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  1. In 4th grade you wrote "society should be more colorful." I would have to point out that you definitely changed that which is in your power to change... with your own two hands. Change often happens very slow, that is why it is hard to recognize & appreciate sometimes.